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Preparing for your appointment

It is our mission to provide our community with compassionate care to each and everyone.


Prior to your appointment at Maverick Foot and Ankle Specialists, we recommend that all patients (new and returning) compile a list of questions and concerns.


It can be difficult to explain your symptoms to your doctor if you are not currently experiencing them at the time of your visit, but preparing a detailed summary of your symptoms can help diagnose and treat the issue. 


Having a list of all your current medications (to include over the counter vitamins and supplements) as well as all previous surgical history.


Although our office is well equipped and will make sure to have all the necessary documents from your insurance company, check if your insurance policy requires a referral from your primary care physician.


Maverick Foot and Ankle Specialists office has been constructed with all of our patients in mind. Our doors, halls, and restrooms are all compliant with American Disability Association requirements. That being said, if you require specialized assistance during your appointment feel free to give us a call prior to your appointment date and let us know.


It is important to note that if your particular problem involves walking/exercising, it is helpful to bring the shoes you have been walking/exercising in for evaluation. 


During your initial appointment you can expect your Podiatrist to perform a full exam of both feet. They may also perform a gait analysis, an evaluation of strength, range of motion, skin integrity, preferred type of footwear (which is best to bring in with you to your first appointment), as well as obtaining baseline x-rays or labs if needed. Your Podiatrist will create a diagnosis and treatment plan and discuss the options with you.